Monday, November 27, 2006



U of A fans will make any excuse possible, so I just wanted to warn everyone about the "cheap shot" blather that ought to be spewing as I speak. I'm still vibrating from Saturday. ASU doubles up UA, and to top it off the Sun Devil hoops squad pulls the upset against Iowa. As if that's not enough, after the game I KISSED THE TERRITORIAL CUP. Yeah, lips on copper. Or silver. Yeah, I think it was silver. Photos forthcoming, as soon as I get home to the Commonwealth. The point is, ASU has now taken The Cup to it's rightful home at Sun Devil Stadium in six of the last eight opportunities. Barring poor judgement on the part of the selection committees, UA will be kept from a bowl game for the eighth consecutive season. Booya Devils. Booya, indeed.

As for the trip to the unholy land that is Tucson, all went better than what could have ever been imagined; the red and blue were surprisingly cordial. We tailgated in the same lot that we did two years ago and the scene was totally different. I would assume that it has to do with a mutual respect for the opposition for once, despite the exception of a few. While ASU has been down, UA has been surprisingly up forcing us Devils to take notice and actually worry about the post-turkeybinge war. In recent years UA was sooooo bad (how bad were they!?) that their fans were limited to hating ASU rather than rooting on their own team. With the recent Stoops-based resurgence the redcoats have restored their interest in football and actually gave us a game while discussing the impending matchup using facts and statistics other than the standard mathematical formula that "ASU sucks." Yeah, that's us. Sucking all the way to victory. Again. Bitches.

I was chastised by fellow Devils for my cordial attitude towards the UA faithful on gameday, so much so that one of my best friends called his mom (she's another ASU grad) to ream me out over the phone. I'll explain my actions here as I did to Mrs. Lewis via cell phone: supreme confidence. I awoke on To'Saturday (that's what we're calling gameday now; I'm still used to referring to gameday as 'tomorrow' during Thanksgiving dinner and Saturday wasn't exactly rolling off the tongue just yet) with a feeling never present on rivalry day. I had no doubt or stress regarding that evening's instate battle; I KNEW we were going to win. I could feel that it was going to be a good day from the get-go, and the ASU defense made sure of it. Hooray, Devils! There will be a more in-depth breakdown of the game this week, this is merely a fanboy gush-piece. Fuck it all, WE BEAT U OF A!!!! Many have pondered the situational quandry of whether it would be better to win ten games a year or go 1-11 with our only win to be guaranteed against the Cats. Right now I would take the latter, but this is why I do not gamble.

The situation with apparently former coach Koetter will be addressed later, but for now I intend on basking in the warm glow of the SCOREBOARD! It will really be better with photos, but I had to get all of this off of the chest. Congrats to all Devils, and enjoy another 364 days of glory!

Enough reading and writing, SOAK UP THE VICTORY! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!

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