Thursday, January 25, 2007


Mid-Season Report Cards...

Coming soon to Wells Fargo Arena: it might as well be a time machine set to football season.

...and they're not good. I know I don't post about basketball very much, but it isn't for a lack of interest. As much as I mock Tucson for being a basketball town, this mockery turns to pure jealousy in late February. The fact is that it's hard to watch an unranked Pac-10 team play when you're in Virginia and are too cheap to get a satellite dish with all of the sports packages. I can't bring myself to evaluate a team that I haven't seen play, because everything posted on the internet has to be referenced and true. Seriously, they make you sign something.

Having said that, I'll go out on a limb and say that everyone for ASU fails.

Ok, so we're playing a lineup featuring bunch of freshmen, some Rob Evans leftovers, and Jeff Pendergraph, but 0-9 in conference play? C'mon, we can get one, right? Don't tell me that this team jumped the shark by beating Iowa. I'll throw out a few fun-sized kudos to the boys in Maroon, just for the shit of it.

* The aforementioned Pendergraph is a double-double threat every night as long as the perimeter play is adequate, but he's still suffering from the Ike Diogu disease, as defenses collapse on him as soon as he sniffs the ball. At least that's what I gather.

* Youngsters Derek Glasser, Christian Polk, and Jerren Shipp have shown flashes of promise and skill, but these flashes are minnows in an ocean of inconsistency. Give it time, I guess.

* Antwi: uhhhh, Serge- ummmm, Sylvester, I... sorry, that's all I have.

I've often said that I would accept a 1-whatever record as long as the one win came against U of A. I'm really hopng that's still an option, because I think we're already mathematically eliminated from the NIT. Unfortunately, that's not a joke. This is why I don't post about basketball much. Just to set everything straight, let's reconfirm who holds the upper hand in the rivalry sport that really counts.


Hey wait, don't go anywhere. I have another one.

I went one way, Torain went the other way. I said "where'd he go?" U of A said "WHERE'D WHO GO?"

Mmm hmm. 139 yards and the game MVP. Zing.

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