Tuesday, February 06, 2007


You'll be missed...in Eugene

Thank God, some non-recruiting news. LOI's are great, don't get me wrong, but the whole recruiting process has become a sordid, overscrutinized circus that even gives the mob the willies. There are so-called recruiting "experts" bordering on pedophilia that give Memphis a run for it's stolen money in sketchiness.* The emotional investment some fans put into the decisions of 18-year olds is beyond me. Anyhoo, came across this gem on the Scout.com network.

Oregon-Oklahoma official loses replay booth job

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - The Pacific-10 Conference official who missed a call during the Oklahoma-Oregon game last season has been told he will not return to the job in that capacity.

Gordon Reise said he received death threats after a call on an onside kick near the end of the Sept. 16 game that the Ducks won 34-33. Televised replays showed the Sooners recovered that kick, but Reise did not see that angle in the replay booth.

Conference officials informed Reise last week that he was relieved of his replay duties. He will remain a Pac-10 technical assistant, making about $350 a game.

Reise, who took a leave of absence for the season after the game at Autzen Stadium, told The Oregonian newspaper that his doctors had advised him not to return to the job, anyway.

Death threats. That's the Sooner nation I grew up with, know and love. You know why the doctor thought it would be bad for his health? These people.

Oklahoma is OK, unless you're wearing green, yellow, black, diamond plating, pink, chartruse, or whatever else Phil Knight pukes up.

* Swindle, Orson. The EDSBS Spectrum of Sketch: A Scale. EverydayShouldBeSaturday.com. February 5, 2007: University of Florida Press, Gainesvlle, FL.

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