Tuesday, April 17, 2007


A sad, sad week

Things here in Virginia are dismal at best. On top of it being the coldest April in 100 years, yesterday's events in Blacksburg have rocked the entire state. Virginia Tech is the people's school of the Commonwealth and they carry a tight, familial alumni base. Stories are circulating all over town about friend's friends that were involved or affected, and I'm afraid to watch the news any longer for fear of even more bad news. There are candlelight vigils being held at campuses and churches everywhere this week; please send your thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims.

In less publicized news, UA running back Xavier Smith lost his mother late last week to multiple gunshots.

All rivalries aside, best wishes to the Smith family.

The Sun Devil family awoke to some frightful news of their own on Sunday morning as CB Chad Green was in a Scottsdale ICU after a collision with a drunk driver in Tempe around 3 am. His condition is still listed as critical but guarded, as the doctors won't really know what's going on until the swelling goes down.

Green, #21, puts a lick on Brandon Smith. Photo credit: 4VRADVL.com

A healthy dose of compassion for all is in order. Thoughts and prayers.

In the bittersweet but incredibly uplifting due to other circumstances department, former ASU recruit Angelo Richardson was at the spring game on Saturday. He was on the sidelines, wheelchair bound, during the game and was given a maroon Sun Devil jersey with his name and number on the back. ASU and the Keller family have organized fund raising efforts for A-Rich since a gunshot wound yielded paralysis nearly a year ago. His rehab is going well and he will be attending ASU in the fall with the aspiration of becoming a sports agent. The university has vowed to honor his scholarship so that he may complete his degree, even though he will likely never play football again. He keeps in contact with many current Sun Devil players and Coach Koetter in Jacksonville. Hod has an excellent interview with him at Devils Digest.

Photo credit: 4VRADVL.com


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