Tuesday, June 19, 2007


...and now I've seen it all

How does this asshat have his own action figure and I don't?

The husky "pardner" in the tweed jacket is none other than the most hated announcer this side of Pam Ward, one Brent Musburger. I'm simply mystified- not only because MGM waited 27 years to release action figures for a sequel, not just because his pecs are disproportionately large(you know he wrote that shit into the contract), but because a team of marketing monkeys being paid much better than I actually thought kids would want to play with an announcer doll. Not just any announcer mind you, but the one that fought Jimmy the Greek and got a public consumption ticket in Lincoln, Nebraska. Hmmm, on second thought maybe he does need an action figure, but I'm still waiting on the Jack Arute doll. It'll be a dandy of a foootrace to the store when those come out, my friend. I mean pardner. John Saunders in the Dr. Pepper Studio. Jackaroo!

If you didn't catch that last rant, start reading up on the Brent Musburger Drinking Game and we'll get together in late August. For now I'll be busy ignoring the fact that ASU got their doors blown off against Oregon State in the College World Series. Better luck tonight!

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