Thursday, October 04, 2007


Let's go Cubbies!

Andre Dawson, a man among boys.

Despite my personal allegiances, it's in the best interest of Sun Devil football to root for an early exit for the hometown Diamondbacks. 48,864 Valley bandwagon jumpers sold out Chase Field for last night's game one, a disappointing loss for the Cubbies, despite an average 2006 attendance of 25,821.* It should be abundantly clear that we want to see 71,106 cheer on the Devils, and if we are to do so these are the people we need to attract. Our student and alumni population garners about 50,000 per game on Saturday nights, but if these numbers are to climb then local fans will have to make up the difference.

As the entertainment dollar gets stretched by the numerous sports options in the area, a playoff baseball team does nothing to fill the upper deck of Sun Devil Stadium. So let's go Cubbies, we'll take whatever fans we can get, especially since the bandwagon is going to fill up quickly as the Devils continue to rise in the polls.

* 2007 numbers were not easily available. Do your own fucking research.


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