Saturday, October 13, 2007


Liveblog, Part III: gametime, motherfuckers!

10:18: CAL is on the ropes against OSU and Cincinnati is getting all they can handle (down by 4) from Louisville, two teams that have made their reputations by folding late in games. If both lose and ASU holds on, they will be one of seven remaining undefeated teams. Woah Nelly!

10:25: ASU wins the toss and will receive!

10:33: Devils on the move, going for it on 4th and 3. Big hairy balls, DE! Looks like Cal's Cinderella clock is about to strike midnight. I hate Ohio State.

10:34: might be wrong about Cal...

10:39: Poor clock management stikes! Cal throws over the middle of the field with less than 10 seconds remaining and no timeouts, not unlike when ASU beat Oregon State in 2002.

ASU had a TD called back, then took a sack, and will settle for a field goal. 3-0 Devils!

10:48: VICIOUS hit on Locker by Travis Goethel, but it'll cost him 15 yards. Here comes all the trash about how dirty Erickson teams are blah blah yadda.

10:51: Cincy loses, and then there were six. FUCK TD Washington.

11:04: Jovon Williams is a fucking asshole. Carpenter puts a 20+ yard pass right in his breadbasket and he can't hold on. Heal up quick Brent Miller!

11:12: all the replay challenges are slowing the game to a crawl. Getting it right is nice, but come on. Let's go!

11:14: I think it's safe to say my circle of friends is a key factor in Keystone Light's sponsorship of ASU football.

11:17: I'd do Lisa Love because power is attractive. She's doing a wonderful job politicking in a sideline interview.

11:25: Chris McGaha was a slam dunk champion in High school according to Petros Papadakis. Who's the "possession receiver" now? Apparently Kyle WIlliams is, TOUCHDOWN DEVILS! ASU is is playing with a confidence- not a swagger, mind you- that I havn't seen since the Pat Tillman days. They are playing like a team that will not be denied, that refuses to lose. This is getting fun, even though it's a long way from being over.

11:30: Ryan Torain on crutches makes me sad, and so does that goddamn long run by Louis Rankin. Feck.

11:34: Watchin Omar Bolden play DB reminds me of watching a young RJ Oliver. There's talent therre but when the ball goes up to that side of the field there's a big 'oh fuck!' followed by a loud 'I hate you RJ!' After a year or two, he becomes a favorite. It's like magic.
David Blaine will hold his breath until Omar Bolden becomes a solid corner.

11:46: where the fuck is Keegan Herring? Rudy is doing a good job of getting rid of the ball quickly and hitting the short routes. That will keep the blitzes and sacks down.

11:50: There's Keegan with a 20 yard run! Piss poor clock management, and Carpenter took a shoulder to the balls and a halmet to the face. Good effort, but spike the ball on 1st down for cryin' out loud. Replay gets us a field goal, 17-13 at the half. ASU playing well on offense, questionable on defense, and the breaks are about even.
Spike the ball on 1st down and don't throw into double coverage you big dummy!

12:20: Torain's out with the foot, Mike Jones is out with a concussion. Oooohhhhh shiite.

12:28: d-line causes a sack/fumble that leads to 7! A mobile quarterback on an undefeated team throwing a touchdown pass to #3 who makes a beautiful catch... just sayin'.

It's a thing of beauty.

12:35: You know what one of my peeves about the Koetter regime was? It always seemed like the other team made second half adjustments but we never did. That has all changed, as the Devil D creates another three and out.

12:47: DMITRI NANCE! He sat the bench for three years in high school and then finished second in the history of Texas high school football in terms of single season rushing. Defense has tightened the clamps and the UW offense looks like a completely sifferent team.

12:57: KEEGAN HERRING! Does ASU have the deepest backfield in the pac-10? Here's a memory, Keegan must hate the shit out of the Huskies.

1:09: I think the Defense might be a little tired after the quick strike scores. It's the curse of the Koetter offense!

1:13: ASU probably won't crack the top 10 tomorrow if they hold on for the win, which is total bullshit. Play the strength of schedule card all you want, but Boston College's best win was against Georgia Tech. Horsepoopy.

Just discovered the liveblog, keep up the good work...are you able to watch the game or are you stuck with an online audio feed? Devils have come out like a house afire in the 2nd half, lots of swagger.

In the bad news dept though, they just had a sideline interview showing Ryan Torain in street clothes with a boot on his leg, apparently with a sprained ankle. Let's hope it's a mild one so he's back in time for Cal.
Dmitri Nance is a stud...bounces and breaks tackles, 57 yards later...10 point lead for the Devils!!!
I'm watching live, ASU has the national feed. This is fun.
Man, how good has this team looked in the 2nd half. Amazing to see an ASU squad get better as the game goes on, it's been a long time. To say nothing of rushing for 300 yards, that is DEFINITELY something you were never gonna see under Koetter. I have to say, I was definitely a doubter when Lisa Love tapped Dennis Erickson, but I'm a believer now.

Yeoman's work today to liveblog the entire day, Jon. Go get some sleep out there on the east coast and have sweet dreams of seeing ASU in the top 10 tomorrow!
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