Saturday, November 03, 2007


Open thread v. Oregon

And so, the time is near.
The fuel of the native land grants them courage, no fear.
It's here now, they're ready, they kneel at sunset's gate.
In the sun-drenched desert, the Devils' gridiron awaits.
Sun Devil football starts NOW.

Unless of course you're in the espn broadcasting area, because here's a suckass Big Televen game running long. I hope you got the sports pack with your cable, because you'll need FCS Central (Comcast 724) to se the start of the big game.

In case you've ever wondered what's up with that little speel they run before the sparky bus-crushing intro video, many of the lines are taken from ASU's alma mater, a song fewer than thre percent of ASU students/alumni actually know.

Where The Bold Saguaros
Raise Their Arms On High
Praying Strength For Brave Tomorrows
From The Western Sky
Where Eternal Mountains
Kneel At Sunset's Gate
Here We Hail Thee, Alma Mater
Arizona State!


Not a good start so far...
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