Thursday, November 01, 2007


Game of the century of the week

First off, here's the google ad for an email I received regarding the game:

"rubber ducky baby shower"- I can't write shit like that.

That's cute and all, but everything else going on has been all about the mystery of Rudy's thumb. The Republic is playing tricks on all of us, with mismatching headlines on consecutice days. Notice:

Monday: Carpenter's Thumb in Question. Aaaaaaghnooooo!
Tuesday: Carpenter Expected to Play at Oregon. Hooray!
Wednesday: Sprain Limiting Carpenter. Arrrgh F@($*@^K!
Thursday: Carpenter Throws Well in Practice. Yippee!

Seems to me that Rudy is probable for Saturday and it will be a game time decision. If his sprained thumb is anything like the sprained thumb I sustained last spring, he'll barely be able to hold a beer. Granted, he had 186-pound Keegan Herring run full-force into it and I had 300 pounds of drunken fury fall on it while chasing a whiffleball. Yeah I got an injury playing whiffleball. Shut up.

It's not like we haven't seen this hand/thumb business before. Sam Keller (remember when he played at ASU?) bruised his thumb on a USC player's helmet in 2005 and then tried to stiff-arm Oregon's Haloti Ngata the following week. He played through pain to lose to USC, Oregon, and Stanford in consecutive weeks before Carpenter took over in the 4th quarter against Stanford. Rudy broke his throwing hand in ptractice just days before making the trip to Colorado last year but beat the Buffs 21-3. The following week his non-throwing hand was stepped on and broken in Berkeley against Cal, and the Devils dropped three in a row on the two broken hands of Carpenter. Slumpbuster Stanford came to town to stop the slide, thank goodness.

It could be the news about the thumb and it might just be the partiality of fans, but ASU is getting their asses handed to them in AZSportsHub's poll of who will win the clash of conference titans this Saturday. As of 8:00 EST Thursday it's looking all too much like last year's game, so go be a Terry Richardson and vote now.

The Sun Devil bandwagon has arrived at the station. All aboard!

* Chris Fowler likes the defensive end tandem of Luis Vasquez and Dexter Davis to use their athletic ability and help contain Duck QB Dennis Dixon. Fowler also feels that there will be moe defense in Eugene than most are expecting.

* Mark May listed Thomas Weber as one of three players nationally to be in the rarified air of "On the Mark." He also likes LB Travis Goethel, despite mispronouncing his name.

* Lou Holtz likes our chances because it's hard for a team to get up for a huge game two weeks in a row, citing Oregon's win over USC a week ago. May kindly reminded him that ASU-Cal was of decent size as well.

* Every single media outlet is slurping Dennis Erickson like a Shane's World film, including this one.

* There's still some room on the wagon though, as Lou Holtz gave his weekly pep talk to a Navy team that faces Notre Dame this weekend. Unless you spent time afloat or you're Catholic, I don't see how this game matters. I'm quite confident that the protestant, atheist, Muslim, Hindi, Buddhist, Jianist, Zoroastrian, and Jewish communities will be paying more attention to the ASU-Oregon game. Just a hunch, though.

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