Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Fantasy Misfit Draft on hold due to gaping mouths

Dude, if only the draft had started last week...linky

This brings up an interesting point and a new rule. A player can only score points for his former college team, not his former pro teams. Yes, I am making this stuff up as I go. In this case only the player with Ohio State would get points for the charges of illegal u-turn, possession of firearms, and resisting arrest. Whoever had the Denver Broncos in this hypothetical war would recieve no points and like it, dammit!

Clarett and former OSU teammate Craig Krenzel make a routine trip to 7-11 for milk, bread, and cash.

In related news the draft date and time is currently in hiatus until several participants get their panties out of a bunch about missing a Violent Femmes show. We're debating it using "reply all" emails, but no one has agreed on anything yet. I'll provide updates as warranted.
We're working on it.

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