Saturday, September 09, 2006


Chuck Amato Looking Worse and Worse

For those of you who were watching the Notre Dame pregame strokefest on NBC, you kloosers missed a hell of a finish in Raleigh. NC State scored with roughly one minute remaining in the game to give the Pack a three point lead. The Zips charged down the field, largely in part due to a 60-yard completion. A qb sneak situated the Zips on the one yard line with three seconds left and the clock stopped. Rather than kick the field goal and go to overtime (when Akron clearly had momentum), head coach Big Balls McGee elected to go for the win and did so by running the ball over the left tackle and in to the paint. Man Boobs Amato ran off the field without his team, holding one finger aloft(not the middle, I looked). What exactly was he doing? It could be:

1) He was setting the special teams unit to defend the one point try.

2) Assuring the red and white fans that hey! We're still #1, dadgummit!

3) He thought NC State actually won the game.

Sad, sad, sad. It's going to be tough for Amato to show his face around Raleigh after this one, and this video isn't helping matters. NO, Wolfpack faithful, ASU doesn't need another one of your coaches. Well, let's put that on old until tomorrow morning.

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Hey, that ND Strokefest was warrented. Now if you want to talk about unearned hype, let's talk about how UA was talking smack about going into LSU and winning, then proceeding to spit and stomp at the tiger at midfield before getting humiliated.
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