Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Message Board Quote of the Week

Apparently the Vegas oddsmakers went clubbing early on Saturday and didn't witness the lamefest that occurred Saturday night in Tucson between BYU and Arizona. They have U of A as only a 14 point underdog and must have succumbed to the delusional kitty fans who are playing the "quality opponent" card as the reason they are among the nation's elite- you know, since BYU is legendary for their stout defense and all.

From "ocdevil" on CactusRanch.com...
Oh yeah, some rat fans think that they will lose, but barely, and that they will score anywhere from 21 to 29 points. Now that's a gooooooood juan.

They score 13 at home against BYU, but they are going to stroll on into Death Valley and hang a cool 3 to 4 TDs on LSU.

I've heard of idiots. I've heard of myopia. But I've never seen or heard of such moronic football fans in my life.

You can read the entire thread here.

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