Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Aaaaaahhhh, Memories

Did anyone catch that shot of total stud Al Williams? A great video from a gret day. I awoke at 6 am, broke into a friend's house to steal a tap and then I carried a full keg up three flights of stairs. Included in the day's mayhem was my friend Bobby throwing a chair at a U of A fan and when the ushers arrived the kitty cat was the one thrown out thanks to a fraternity brother working the head of security position at Sun Devil Stadium.

Oh yeah, all that tomfoolery plus a 42-27 ASU victory. Both teams had identical 5-5 records heading into that one; we went bowling and they didn't. Let's keep that Tucson bowlless streak alive! Go Devils!

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HA HAAAAAAA, SUCK IT BITCHES! Once again, the rats from Tucson save their best performance for the postgame excuses and whining, while ASU puts the hammer down for 4 quarters. The sad thing is, they won't even win the postgame battle, cause all we have to do is say SCOREBOARD!

Fall down, Arizona
Fall down, black and blue
Trip! Fall! Drop the ball!
No Rose Bowls for you!
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