Wednesday, November 01, 2006


---Insert Double Entendre Beaver Joke Here---

Ward, don't you think you were a bit hard on the beaver last night?

ASU is playing a team on halloween week that wears orange and black, isn't that fun. I don't know much about the Beavs yet, but I'm working on it. It's hard to get good results when your research consists of pissing matches like this one. Here's what I know based on previous experiences of ASU whipping up on them:

* Matt Moore is Sam-Kelleresque when he's on, and I mean that in a really
good way. Confident, bold, and a rifle of an arm. When he's off, however, he looks like a post-bender Ryan Kealy. The guy is a freaking time bomb that can (hopefully will) transform into an interception machine at any given moment. Heads up, Josh.

* TE Joe Newton is top notch. OSU wouldn't trade him for any tight end in the country, and ASU wouldn't trade the obviously superior Zach Miller (some sarcasm, but really true) for Newton. Should be fun.

* Even though they miss graduated WR Mike Haas, they still have reliable wideouts led by Anthony Wheat-Brown, a guy who seems like he's played there for seven years or so.

* Yvenson Bernard is a truck of a running back and will return Saturday against the Devils, even though the Beavers didn't need him to beat USC. If you're not familiar with Bernard, just think of Oregon State alum Stephen Jackson (dreads and everything) but a wee bit slower.
I totally can't tell them apart, but I guess that's why they wear numbers on their shirts.

OSU didn't play four solid quarters and still beat the Trojans. ASU better bring their "A" game. Attempts at being more in-depth are forthcoming...

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