Sunday, December 31, 2006


My New Year's Eve Is Better Than Your New Year's Eve

I'm at a friend's house right now in the midst of the second annual convention of IOTA, aka Internationl Order of Time-zone Alcoholics. We started at 7 am in Fiji and we toast to every time zone around the globe. Right now we're in China playing 50-cup beer pong. It's fun. My bowl picks have taken a turn for the worse over the last two days so it looks like watching football for nothing more than the pure sake of enjoyment for the rest of the year. Oh well.

In ther spirit of hating all things U of A, I present this, the best fark I've seen in quite some time. Take that, Wilbur. I stole it from a lad calling himself "TADevil," but apparently he stole it from some other site. Cheers, and happy new year, over and over and over.

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My New Year's included a trip to The White Dog, some time in the Cary Street cattle pen, back to The White Dog, then --bzzt-- blackout.


Anyway, word on the street is that Dirk Koetter landed on his feet with the Jaguars. And, in what must be the funniest thing ever, Mike Shula could end up there as QB coach.
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