Friday, February 16, 2007


Rudy F'ing Burgess! Woo!

The people's MVP, one Rudolph Donnavon Burgess, will be premanently moved back to slot receiver for his senior season by Dennis Erickson. Coach E points out in the article that it is best for Rudy and the team that he plays receiver, and that moving him around so much has limited his productivity. No shit, Sherlock. Let the NFL turn him into a corner when the time comes.

Last year's neck injury/concussion problems played a large factor, but removing Burgess from the WR corps was a disaster for the 2006 offense, who desperately needed someone downfield to catch the ball (not to mention run the proper route and get open, but I digress). Few probably remember the opener against NAU, when Burgess torched their secondary on the game's opening drive for 50 yards on two catches. He ended the game with 7 catches for 112 yards, and even though it was against NAU that kind of production could have helped a great deal against Oregon, USC, and the other 4 teams that whipped the snot out of us.

Enough despair about 2006, this is the time for a celebration! This news, combined with rule 3-2-5 E being repealed, is a call for a toast! Drinks on the house!

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