Thursday, July 19, 2007


Bring it on, spammers

It's currently being broughten.

* Due to some nagging by a couple of friends, the comments section no longer requires that pesky registration. You may still have to decipher the squiggly word, but that's blogger's doing and not mine. If you any love/hate letters for me that you don't want made public, my email address is now available in my profile. Actually I'm reserving the right to publish whatever you send me, so just forget about those naked pictures you've been saving for a great post (not that it's a real problem here).

* The new commercial is here! The new commercial is here! Yay night games.

* Mike Stoops thinks the Rose Bowl is "a lot more attainable" this year, and he didn't say it all tongue-in-cheek like the infamous comments about getting Tucson Tech to the National Title in year three. Year three was last year, oh by the way.

* I decided to make a shirt for the U of A game. Go get 'em now, before the Thanksgiving weekend rush!
***they're not actually for sale anywhere.***

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I'm sure Stoops means he thinks he can finally get Rose Bowl tickets this year. Go ahead, Stoops, dream big.
Whats more likily North Nogales Tech wining 8 games or Tuitama having 8 concussions?
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