Sunday, October 28, 2007


Looking good so far

This many wins! Yaaaay!

Want my reasons why ASU will beat Oregon this weekend? Eh, who has time? I'll say the top three deciding factors will be maximizing time of possession to keep the ball away from Dixon & Co., minimizing turnovers while creating a few for Oregon, and eliminating penalties, as Oregon only had one for five yards against USC.

Honestly, I think it's coin flip; their offense is marginally better than ours and our defense is marginally better than theirs. ASU's speed at linebacker needs to contain the run and force Dixon to beat them with his arm. Oregon is 81st nationally against the pass and the Duck D is prone to giving up yardage chunks through the air, especially with a tandem like Herring and Nance ripping off big gains. ASU hasn't seen an offense with the balance and potency of ASU's, and the Sun Devils haven't seen an offense like Oregon in years (not counting the 2005 ASU offense).

ASU has won two straight at Autzen, including upsetting the #6 Ducks 45-42. Revenge is a bitch, see last year's asswhipping. It may come down to a kick and like the Sun Devils, freshman Thomas Weber is undefeated at 15 makes and zero misses.

It won't take a perfect game to beat Oregon, but a full four quarters would be nice.

Here's where I've been wasting my valuable blogging time, composing my top 10 reasons this ASU team eerily resembles the 1996 Pac-10 Champion counterpart.

10) Speed and depth at linebacker.

4) A mobile quarterback who lacks outstanding numbers but exudes leadership and manages games well.

8) A deep and solid receiving corps led by a senior sporting #3.

9) A stable of talented running backs.

A victory over a Big XII North team.

6) A handful of comebacks.

5) Students rushed the field after a victory against Cal.

3) A stud starting running back is out for the season with an injury.

2) A senior-laden offensive line.

1) An undefeated Sun Devil team!

Watch me.

And me. Draw your own conclusions.

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Ha. Homer more, Marge! What you fail to mention is that Oregon just beat the number 3 Defense in the country with their number 3 Offense in the country. ASU will merely be a speed bump on a trip to New Orleans for the Ducks.

Carpenter has a bum thumb? As if that matters, the guys is mediocre at best. I love how confident ASU is after playing their home schedule. Do I even need to bring up the fact that this road inexpericed ASU team almost lost to WSU? Does not bode well for their trip to Autzen.

Ducks by 14 minimum. You heard it hear first.
LOL. I guarantee Oregon will drop at least 30 pts on your D. Your D stats are slightly off due to the home cooking, and not playing Oregon, USC, and UCLA yet.
Erickson is a great coach, but he has never won at Autzen and never will.
Imagine what Oregon would do to you if we had JJ, Paysinger, Colvin, and Tuitele.
If you are coming to the game. please repost me.
Oh shit Big Jon, in your profile pic you look like one giant meathead! As such, maybe you should just stick to scarfing hot dogs and beer bonging malt liquor at tailgates, because you're analysis is way off. Ducks by AT LEAST two touchdowns over your vastly overrated Sun Devils.
Sorry DK, can't make it this week.
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