Monday, July 31, 2006


And so it begins...

I don’t have cable yet since college football hasn’t started. TV isn’t really useful unless the screen is filled with well trained behemoths beating the snot out of each other in a scientifically organized manner. Just for kicks and shits I turned the set on this hungover Saturday afternoon and was greeted by the first inning of the Braves and Mets. I haven’t been much of a baseball fan since the end of the 2003 NLCS, the heartbreaking collapse by my beloved Cubbies that most of you remember for the infamous “Bartman ball.” Since it’s baseball you probably wouldn’t even remember it without ESPN replaying it over and over and over and over and over… in reading this blog you’ll find I have a noticeable distaste for the worldwide leader in sports, but I’ll leave my personal comments aside for now and let the boys at EDSBS and MGoBlog enlighten you. Not that Fox Sports is any better, unless of course your name is Tom Hansen. Where was I? Ah, baseball. A game that is unbelievably hard to follow without cable. Since when is El Duke (pronounced (DOO-kay, hehe) a Met? Oh, I guess since he doesn’t consistently throw in the mid 90’s anymore. Nice to see the team in Queens is still getting the leftover crap from the Bronx. Some things never change, which is why I’ve pretty much given up on professional sports. College sports, however, rule the day, especially in the fall. That sentence has to many commas.
You, sir, are the spawn of satan.

This blog was inspired by a few things, most notably pure boredom. It took me eight -yes eight- years to complete my undergraduate degree, so I’ve become used to having very little free time since I had a full time job all throughout college. Now that I’ve been relegated to 45-hour work week/weekend warrior/boring-ass loser status I seem to lack hobbies and activities that don’t involve kegstands. I was also enough of a dork in college (like I’m so damn cool now) that I actually enjoyed writing research papers, and I think I kind of miss it as a creative release. It doesn’t help that I have to work in Staunton, VA during the week. If you’ve never been to Staunton (and chances are you haven’t) it is home to the birthplace of former president Woodrow Wilson, the mullet haircut, and not much else. I’ll be covering a wide array of topics, but few of them will stray very far from college football and basketball. Welcome to the sick and twisted world that is my mind. Sit back and make yourself comfortable.

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