Thursday, August 03, 2006


Fantasy Misfit League

As an homage to the Fulmer Cup The House Of Heat will be conducting the first annual Fantasy misfit league.

Essentially how it works is that everyone involved drafts 1 college, 1 professional football team, 1 baseball team, 1 basketball team, 2 or 3 individual athletes, and then we added 2 celebrities as well (rock star, movie star, etc). The way you accumulate points is if one of your individuals or someone from your college or sports team gets in trouble. There is a weighted point system based on the degree of the offence. You get lower points for things like getting suspended, violating league policy, or bad publicity and higher points for things like beating up their wife, trafficking weed, or murdering someone). We establish the set number of points for different things ahead of time. The important things to remember are that it is possible for several different people to get points for the same thing (I.e. if Ray Lewis goes out and kills someone else whoever has him as an individual athlete gets points, whoever has the Baltimore ravens gets points, and whoever has University of Miami gets points). Points will only be awarded for the offense, not for the trial and sentencing. Players are responsible for submitting their own point requests which means they have submit proof of the occurrence (online article or whatever) and it is tracked by the league commish who also serves as judge & jury for approving the points or deciding how the offence is to classified. The league can last for a predetermined amount of time (a couple of months) before a winner is determined. The best part of the league is the draft party when everybody drinks and makes the selections which is pretty funny.

Hakim Hill should keep the Devils high on the list.

More details will follow including the draft date and time, but if you're interested please register with me as soon as possible at

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