Friday, August 11, 2006


House of Hot Stove

Through the use of a sophisticated device that involves ping-pong balls and krazy glue, the Fantasy Misfit Draft order has been determined. The order will go as followed:

1. CShelton
2. Michael
3. Newspaper Hack
4. Scotty
5. Big Jon
6. Wheels (should he decide to show)
7. Maggie
8. Peter
9. Steve
10. Chuck
11. Alex

Let the mayhem of trade talks begin. While there is less than 6 hours before the duct tape goes on, this ought to be the shortest and sweetest hot stove league in years. Will newcomer Newspaper Hack mark his RVA homecoming by offering his number 3 pick + a celeb free agent for the top seed in order to draft alma mater "Bama? Who will go higher, Tennessee or the U?

An article just came in, hot off the wire.

Friday, August 11, 2006
By: CShelton

In breaking news from misfit land, Ruben Patterson, formerly of the Denver Nuggets has been traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. This automatically vaults Milwaukee into prime first round contention in tonight’s 2006 misfit draft.

Patterson, who is a well-documented wife beater, third degree rapist of his child’s nanny, father of illegitimate children, substance abuser, registered sex offender, and domestic assaulter, could change the landscape of tonight’s draft with this last minute move. Word has, there are numerous teams who are clamoring to move up in the draft just to even be able to have a shot of landing the thug criminal known as Ruben Patterson.

Stay tuned…
Clarett wanted to call in his picks for the draft, but he only gets one call.

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