Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Special Teams Preview

Jesse Ainsworth's game-winning kick against the _ildcats (no W)

I'm feeling a little groggy after a night of drinking scotch and watching the movie Gladiator- not the pansy-mamsy Russell Crowe vehicle but te early 90's boxing flick featuring Brian Dennehy and a young Cuba Gooding Jr. alongside a leading man that looks like the second runner-up in a Val Kilmer look-alike contest. The point is, I really don't want to write a lengthy blog about last year's ups and downs on special teams- they're already well documented. In fact, I already wrote one here. Enjoy, but let me add a couple of things first.

* Jonathan Johnson will be the punter this year. The scouting report says he doesn't have the biggest gross or net yardage, but he has a quick release, and Chris MacDonald will tell you what a precious commodity that can be. He was good enough to take the job away from Jesse Ainsworth, who was at least adequate in punting duties last year.

* There is now a 1" tee used on kickoffs, but apparently that hasn't been bothering boomstick-legged Jesse Ainsworth. His distance and hang time are virtually identical to last year, which is definitely a good sign.

Go Devils! Less than 40 hours until NAU gets what's coming to them!

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