Sunday, October 22, 2006


I'm Not A Professional Journalist, But I Am An Amateur Journalist

Has anyone else noticed that my posts are beginning to sound like Peggy Hill's musings? You know the way I point out something "interesting" and make a cute pun or joke. Yeeech. You'd think that eight years of college would yield sufficient brain power to write a coherent, well-thought out analysis regarding the ongoings of college football, particularly the Arizona State University Sun Devils. Having said that, here is yet another itemized list of things that crossed my retinas on Saturday.

* The Texas-Nebraska game lived up to its billing with a furious finish that included a halfback pass, a handful of fumbles, snow flurries, and a last-minute drive led by a freshman quarterback that has football fans north of the Red River feeling a little uneasy about the next few years.

* UCLA looked a step faster than Notre Dame across the board, all day long. This of course goes with the obvious exception of the guy that was supposed to be covering Irish WR Jeff Smardjzdjziklbsndfa.

* Michigan State really is the Big 10 equivalent of ASU. They completed a miraculous, record-seting comeback against a Northwestern team that they should have thumped soundly. The effort will probably end up being a catalyst to keep John L. Smith in position to contain Sparty within a bastille of medircrity for years to come, much like this kick did for a nameless someone we'll call "Kirk." I love youtube, and I honestly can't get enough of this clip.

* The respective Universities of South Florida and Cincinnati are whores, pure and simple. They agreed to take advantage of a lack of professional football on Sunday night (due to the World Series) to play on espn in a game that would otherwise never be televised. Your mothers would be ashamed.

* The BCS is total horseshit considering USC got bumped down a peg to #3 after a bye week. Michigan beat an ok Iowa team to remain undefeated and move into USC's vacated salutatorian slot, and the conspiracy theorists are pointing at the inevitable 1 versus 2 Ohio State/Michigan clash at the end of the year. The Pac-10's lack of a conference championship game could become a thorn in Troy's side again (not to mention the OSU/UM loser) should they finish the year undefeated or even with one loss.

* Even though many are pointing out how disappointing ASU's 38-3 victory over doormat Stanford was (WTF?), at least we're not in the position of Minnesota, who needed a blocked field goal against North Dakota State to close out the game at home.

* The Pac-10 is either incredibly balanced or just weak overall after Wazzu took Oregon behind the woodshed and Cal needed "Divine Intervention" (Ty Willingham's words, not mine) to beat Washington, a team playing without senior atarting quarterback Isiah Stanback. Be careful watching the video, it may induce seizures.

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