Thursday, October 26, 2006


A Little Cheesy, But Still Pretty Cool

So I was trolling around on ATS yesterday and came across this highlight reel titled "For a few Highlights More." My oh my, the grip espn has taken upon our society. Anyhoo, enjoy.

Speaking of espn, I'd like to give a shout out to the last great Sportscenter anchor, Kenny Mayne. His oddball calls and references make me long for the days of Keith Olbermann, Dan Patrick (back when he still had a soul), pre-lobotomy Charley Steiner, Bob Ley before they pushed him into the Dick Schaap Sunday morning fogey corner, and even Craig Kilborn, who I was never a fan of but is still light years ahead of anyone they have working there today. What brought this up? While reading a preview of this weeend's ASU-Washington match up, I thought aloud to myself "...but they don't play games on paper, they play them inside of television sets." Touche, Mayne, and sliante!

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