Saturday, November 18, 2006


Here We Go...

Rivalry week. There should be enough venom spewed to fill the Colorado River as the teams head into Saturday's matchup with identical records for the first time since 2000, a game you may remember by PLACEKICKER Mike Barth's run up the middle for a touchdown. The red-blue bastards are playing for more than pride for the first time in he Bush administration, and that honestly scares the bejeezus out of me, especially since they've won three in a row and ASU seems to be in some sort of meltdown/quit-on-the-coach mode. We thought we were past that after taking care of business against Washington State, but 2006 reared it's ugly head again on Saturday night as the Devils fell to UCLA 24-12. Props to the Bruin run defense that lived up to all of the hype, stuffing ASU in the red zone more times than I care to remember, playing hard in the clutch when it really counted. Once again the Koetter offense displayed it's biggest flaw, displaying that a scheme predicated on stretching the defense downfield does little inside of the opponent's ten yard line. It's do or die time for Coach K: a win this weekend and you can crash here, but a loss means you gotta get yo shit and go. We'll discuss available coaching options should the need arise, but for now let's reminisce on a great Sun Devil rivalry moment- 1974, and "The Catch" by John Jefferson.

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