Saturday, November 04, 2006



While much has been made of ASU defensive back Jeremy Payton's game against his Beaver brother today, this is absolutely priceless.

JUDGE JUDY Spoiler Alert!!!
Wait for the television show to hear about the Judge Judy ruling on the case that involved OSU football players Adam Speer and Bryan Payton if you like.

But why wait if you don't have to wait?

Speer was awarded $1,500 in damages from civilian/student Ben Arends, who allegedly punched dents into Speer’s car. It was ruled that Payton, who assaulted Arends after witnessing the vehicle being damaged, had no right to hit Arends and must help pay his medical bills.

-by John Cazano, an OregonLive! Blogger

Dude was on Judge Judy and NOBODY in Tempe knew about it. I looked long and hard on YouTube for a clip but to no avail. You know, maybe I shouldn't talk smack considering ASU's sketchy legal history.

Go Devils!! Lick the Beavers!

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