Thursday, April 26, 2007


Regular Old Crackers for your starved football soul

While I am no fan of espn, I try to always give credit where credit is due. Page 2 of their website has a fascinating article outlining the NFL Draft's first round busts over the last 15 or so years. It's a fun toy that helps you relive such promising collegiate/disappointing NFL careers like Ryan Leaf, Ki-Jana Carter, and Heath Shuler. Did you know that Shuler is a North Carolina congressman? Stupid basketball state. At least in Oklahoma they elect winners like JC Watts and Steve Largent.

To quench your Sun Devil thirst, here is a link to the "This Is Sun Devil Football" section of the 2006 media guide, chock full of photo collages which are always fun for all. For cheap, evil laughs, page 34 of your .pdf has a slew of notable quotes about the departed coach Koetter and what a genius football mind he possesses. You can peruse the rest of the media guide by section at this link.

Finally, tomorrow is my 28th birthday so there will be no posting due to me sneaking out of the office for some quality day drinking. If you care to join me this weekend for beverages, draft watching, and tales of how dominant Terrell Suggs was at ASU, drop me a line at houseofheat -at-
These eyes are either lusting after a quarterback or a double whopper. You make the call, but get out of the way. Quick.

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When I went to visit my mom (who was then living in East Tennessee, and I was in Columbia), I had to pass through NC to get there. At a gas station in the hills of western North Carolina, I stopped to by booze on a Sunday, which you can't do in South Carolina. It was there that I saw an advertisement in the local rural paper about Heath Shuler running for Congress. As a Tide fan, I knew Shuler well (while the rest of the media elite refer to him as "former Redskins quarterback"). I thought, "Jesus Christ. Heath Shuler for Congress, as a Democrat. This will be over early." Yeah, that prediction was total shit.
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