Monday, August 20, 2007


Regular Old Crackers played pop warner

This is Colin Parker, ASU's freshman safety.

This is Colin too, 5 years earlier. Wait for it...

* Dan Zeiger of the East Valley Tribune unearthed this melancholy story from the Fresno Bee on the departed Derek Shaw, former Arizona State uber-recruit that transferred to Texas Tech only to leave Lubbock without so much as ever attending a single practice. It's good to hear that a kid with such a hellish background and head full of crap is finally starting to put things into perspective and figure things out for himself. It's not "just football," Derek.

* Tight end Dane Guthrie, who transferred from Florida and has yet to impress, has been moved to defensive end and has regained the form that had him so highly regarded coming out of Miami's Killian High School. Erickson notes his natural instinct and ability for the position, adding that his "great hip explosion," among other things, will make the switch permanent. The move came out of desperation after losing DE Luis Vasquez, DE Tranell Morant, and DT Saia Falahola to injuries that will threaten each of their respective playing time over the first month of the season.

* Sunday Morning Quarterback, the pinnacle of intelligent CFB blogging (journalism?) anywhere, is in the midst of Pac-10 Week where he lists ASU finishing 5th in the conference in his Binding Picks piece. Also be sure to check out how those enigmatic Oregon teams live life "On the Margins," why UA won't go bowling despite what they tell you, and "guest columnist Leo Tolstoy's thoughts on UCLA." It's like watching PBS- you will get smarter, or at least feel smarter.

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Take a look at the comments on the U of A article -- gotta love the delusional guy who thinks the kitties are going 9-3 and heading to the Holiday Bowl. Pure comedy! He needs to get his medication adjusted.
BYU- toss up
NAU- Win
New Mexico- Win
Cal- Loss
WSU- Win
OSU- Loss
USC- Loss
Stanford- Win
UW- toss-up
UCLA- Loss
Oregon- Loss
Arizona State- toss-up

So right off the bat, they have four wins, which is pretty great for those folk. they have three toss-ups, which would give them 6-7 wins on average, but since ASU WILL NOT lose to the U, that's 6 wins at best which will not get them bowling (again).

And don't think WSU won't be pissed about me calling them a sure win for UA. They can read too, you know.
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