Thursday, August 10, 2006


Attn: Al Michaels, Darren Woodson, Jimmy Kimmel

I realize that my ASU football blog has become more of an anti-espn rant than anything, but this is unacceptable.
Rudy Carpenter threw for 2,273 yards and 17 TDs in 2005.But Carpenter, who redshirted in 2004 after playing his senior season at Westlake High in Los Angeles, sparked the Aztecs to a 4-1 record in their last five games. He threw for 2,273 yards and 17 touchdowns and led the country in pass efficiency (175.01).

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

Aztecs!? I realize that according to the four-letter network it's Notre Dame's world and the rest of us are just visitors, but there are teams west of the continental divide that aren't USC. A Hell Hog using the message board name redsoxfan85 claims to be an employee of espn and can't believe that there are roughly 15 people working there with ASU ties, "yet they continue to embarass our university on a daily basis." I get the feeling that the unnamed 15 don't include Mark Malone or Darren Woodson. For those of you not familiar with this somewhat legitimate conspiracy theory, here are the basic examples all Devil fans have noticed:

*When a story about ASU airs, roughly 50% of the time it involves either the 1994 point shaving scandal or Loren Wade.
*Of the non-illegal stories with reference to ASU, they manage to substitute the Sparky/ASU logo with a Wilbur/U of A logo. I'm not kidding or exaggerating here.
*Brent Musberger repeatedly referred to ASU "the wildcats" during lat year's Insight Bowl telecast, but I suppose that's par for the course with that senile bastard.

It's not like we're light years off the map; those punks filmed College Gameday in Tempe last season.

In unrelated business, the Sun Devils just landed top-notch hoops recruit James Harden for the 2007 class. He's supposedly a silky-smooth, 6'4" shooting guard that won MVP awards at two different AAU tournaments over the last few weeks(and a southpaw to boot). I realize fall camp is underway and my focus should be on the gridiron, but Devil fans haven't had much to celebrate basketball-wise in a looooong time. He's expected to be named a McDonald's All-American this season, which is like the high school all-star team. When you think about how many kids play high school ball, it's really mind boggling how good Harden could really be.

Wells Fargo Arena, seconds before tipoff

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Screw Tempe Normal. We own you!
Just a few reminders, as of January 8, 2008:

Lute Olson vs. Tempe Normal: 43-6
Last Tempe Normal win vs UA: 1/23/02
Series record: 138-73 ( in UA's favor, of course)
UA has won 24 of the last 25 , including 12 straight
UA's record at McKale North aka Wells Fargo Arena: 60-48. In other words, we own your ass in your own arena.
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