Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Seminole Ethics?

The following is an excerpt from the Dean's Brief at the Florida State University School of Business.
“Finally, I am pleased to announce that Mark Scott has signed a Letter of Intent to create the Bowden Center for Ethics in Leadership , within the College of Business at Florida State University. This center will train, educate, and motivate students, teachers, and business and community leaders in ethically based leadership skills, including Bobby Bowden’s leadership principles. The Center will serve as the leadership training hub, working in a collaborative fashion with other schools within the University. The activities of the Bowden Center for Ethics in Leadership will serve to enhance the teaching, research, and service components of the College of Business as well as other schools at FSU. You will be hearing more about this Center in the upcoming months.”
Hmmm. Ethics and leadership are two oft thrown words, but they haven't been used in Tallahassee for quite awhile. AJ Nicholson's B&E charge is chronologically at the bottom, and who could forget the Ol' Ball Coach's famous quote about "Free Shoes University"? If you don't read the Tampa Tribune, I'm sure you saw the Sports Illustrated cover article about it in the mid 90's. As far as leadership goes, ask any Nole fan that hasn't been in a coma since 2000 about the leadership of bringing in a California pretty boy to run the nepotism offense to a grinding halt. Most leaders want the best people in important positions like offensive coordinator and quarterback, but Bowden has kept the runt of his litter at the O-helm for far too long. As for Rix, well, ask any FSU fan of that era, including Anquan Boldin, who rumoredly dropped passes from Rix on purpose. Apologies for this paragraph. This is the pot calling the kettle black waaaaaay too soon.

Anyway, it seems FSU is following Alabama in the effort to name everything on campus after a successful football coach. Don't believe it? Crack open a cold one, go to this link, browse around, and drink every time you read Bear Bryant. See you sometime next week.

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Stars fell Jon, stars fell. I am disappointed that you didn't mention to your readers that you are going to a Bobby Bowden game this Fall. You know, maybe I will buy that "I like my boyfriend, but I LOVE Bobby" t-shirt afterall... Enough smacktalking on my program - at least my coach stands by his decisions (oh snap!).
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