Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Koetter Works on Labor Day; sticks foot in mouth

The guy has his own statue, I suggest you leave him be.

The following is a passage from yesterday's press conference where head coach Dirk Koetter addressed the local hacks regarding this weekend's matchup against Nevada and their long-time head coach Chris Ault.
"Coach Ault would be the equivalent to Nevada of what Frank Kush is to the ASU program. I think he was been there for 31 years. He was there when I was a player. They dominated the Big Sky conference for years and then they moved up to Division 1-A and be became the athletic director for several years. I think this is his third stint back at head coach. I've known Coach Ault for a long time. we were in the same league when I was a player. He built that program, their stadium and their facilities. It would be very much the same as if Coach Kush was still coaching at Arizona State.

No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. NO!

Where are Ault's undefeated seasons? Does he have a winning streak of 22 games? Has he been screwed out of a D-1 National Championship by east coast biased media mambers? (this is legit, we went undefeated in 1974 and a 1-loss Penn State won the NC outright) This is by no means an attack on Coach Ault. I am sure he is a fine man and a good/great coach, but he has done nothing to be compared to former ASU coaching legend Frank Kush. With these utterly boneheaded satements, Coach Koetter has done the following:

1.) Insult/tarnish the legend of Frank Kush.
2.) Insult the knowledge of all Sun Devil fans.
3.) Make yourself look like a moron, thus reflecting poorly on the team. It's like you're already making excuses for a loss and scaring the collective shit out of the Sun Devil faithful.

Don't be surprised if Koetter is wearing head bandages at practice today. Kush was fired for hiting a punter, and don't think he'll hesitate to do the same to a sissy former backup quarterback.

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