Saturday, November 04, 2006


Devils Denied By Beavers (get your mind out of the gutter)

I, like OSU quarterback Matt Moore, recognize what an easy target Keno Walter-White is.

My thoughts on today's transactions have been summed up in one short statement by a man calling himself "Jeddevil." You'll see it on the banner of the blog page until ASU wins or U of A loses. Sadly enough, I'm not even sure when that's going to happen. Ok that's total BS, the kitties will lose to Cal next week. The point is, not much more could have gone wrong today. Let's see how my favorite teams fared today:
1) ASU- loses 44-10 to Oregon State, more on that later.
2) Washington State (aka whoever's playing U of A)- loses by 10 to a team that has a moral victory when they reach positive rushing yards.
3) Florida State- Wins convincingly, against a team I despise no less. A sunny spot in an otherwise cloudy day.
4) Oklahoma- Wins, but taken to the wire and nearly Bomar'd themselves (again) with a timeout that occured a split second before a converted 4th and inches on their OWN 30 yard line with a one point lead and 90 seconds remaining. Maybe he really is related to the bumbling Tucson counterpart (or Dirk).

It's gotten so bad on the homefront that they're selling t-shirts online now. Quite witty indeed, and I'll follow that up with the obligatory post-loss link to Lo and behold, it has spawned! two websites for the same cause, now we need to start the buyout slush fund. I got ten bucks! I'd also like to call shotgun as the conductor of the "Hire Butch Davis Express." Remember the sales pitch from when I was screaming for us to dump Dirk and go after Spurrier:
1) Warm climate
2) Sunshine/world class golf 360 days a year
3) Athletic talent available, simply unmotivated
4) Fishing at nearby lake Apache
5) Easily dominated in-state rival
6) Big school, great facilities

You have to lure the good ol' boys out west somehow. I have, however, found a solution for all of this nastiness. they sell it at Target and other retailers, and you've probably seen it- it's the bucket-o-cocktail that needs nothing more than a bottle of vodka and a few hours in the freezer. If you use a liter instead of a fifth, it makes for a whopping good time. Wheee!

***randon fun nugget! Best gameday sign: a Texas A&M student had one that read "Pop your Collar For Adrian Peterson!" Brilliant minds in College Station, even if karma dictated their loss today.

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