Friday, June 22, 2007


Your Alumni vs. Our Alumni

We've played this game before with the likes of OJ Simpson vs. Pat Tillman and Geraldo Rivera vs. Al Michaels, but these two are random guys off the street that I had never heard of until this morning. The first comes from some rough streets, namely those of Afghanistan:

It could be worse, at least that's not Sentinel peak in the background.

The handsome man in the above picture is a buddy of UAHater, one of my favorite message board personalities. The second entry comes from an MSN Money article. To wit:
Mark Williams, who holds a degree in archaeology from the University of Arizona, is a cook at a nearby Denny's (DENN, news, msgs). After entering the CNBC contest, he didn't make it out of the contest's 10-week first round.
Keep reaching for the stars, Wilbur.

* Speaking of alumni, I'll be in the Nation's Capital this weekend and I'm hoping to take in Sunday morning's soccer match between the local ASU and UA alumni associations. Kick some ass Sparky!

* And on a final note, I haven't laughed this hard in quite some time.

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