Friday, August 11, 2006


Drunk draft

Everybody pussed out on the duct tape, but we all drank 40's. Multiples. Me drunkie. Whoopsie daisy...

Here's a flashback:

The first round has been completed, as have the first 40's. Here's the picks.

1. No surprise, CShelton picks the U.

2. Michael picked tOSU with approval and applause, although I think they may be done for now based on this week's events.

3. newspaper hack was absent, and although it probably kills him as a Bama fan, I gave him Tennessee.

4. Scotty took the 'Noles

5. I knew I had to take an SEC school, so I went with Auburn. They're really due. It was hard to go against the Gun Devils, but I didn't want to make a homer pick and then have to root for my boys to to find some trouble.

Wheels, although a V Tech alum, picked Georgia. Got booed.

Steve picks Michigan with the "they're due" philosophy, all the while Scotty is wearing his "Ann Arbor is a Whore" t-shirt.

OK, the 40's are setting in. I can't keep up; it's going waaay faster than I thought it would. All drafts will be posted tomorrow, based on when I sober up/ain't hungover. Speculate all you like, it was fun. You should have come over, you bastards. I'm going to Buddy's.

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Hey -- sorry. Like I siad in the email, we had a 500-acre forest fire break out here, and it was a part of my beat, so I was at work until midnight. Thanks for Tennessee -- now I definitely have a rooting interest in seeing the team in the crime blotter.
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