Friday, September 22, 2006


Friday Night Lights

Not that crappy high school football drama-oh no- I'm enjoying an evening of college football courtesy of the deuce and the way they tarnish shabbas by making whores of underrecognized college football programs who scratch and claw for a morsel of national media attention and achieve these small crumbs by playing on nights that aren't spelled S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y. This will be all I'll get this week since I'll be in a drunken, music filled Alcatraz tomorrow, not that I'm complaining or anything. I didn't think ASU would be able to play defense again this year, so I wasn't woried about missing a supposedly sure loss at Cal and their John Holmes-sized preseason expectations when I decided to go. I ordered a pizza and cracked a Keystone Light, and here we are. Hail Sa- I mean Friday! A few random thought's on tonight's matchup between Northwestern and Nevada.

* ASU beat both of these teams 52-21 (each) over the last year or so.

* I'd like to root for UNR (not to be confused with UNRB- university of NO Rose Bowls) specifically because it would help Arizona State's strength of schedule, but one can't arbitrarily cheer or the opponents of a team that lost their coach to a heart attack weeks before the season started; that's just fucked up, not to mention a whalloping amount of bad karma. I have a feeling that ASU is going to need all of the karma they can get for tomorrow's tilt against Cal.

* Rod Glmore winked at the camera the moment he got on screen for the first time. My girlfriend would think that's ultra-cute, but thankfully she's in the other room working on her MBA, otherwise my mini-Saturday might be tainted by conversations like "who was he winking at?...I bet it was his wife...does he have kids?...where did he go to college?" I love her to death, but that has nothing to do with what second half adjustments Northwestern is going to make against the pistol offense.

* Speaking of the woman, I flipped through the channels during a commercial break and came across the replay of the Grey's Anatomy season premiere. Even though we watched it last night and I really like the show, the remote would have gone to the dark side of network programming had she noticed because I'm weak and whipped. Whew, that was close.

* Former Sun Devil Garrick McGee is on Nevada's coaching staff. Funny how out of all of the Arizona media that absorb during football season, I didn't read that tidbit once during the week that ASU played Nevada. Another thumbs down, valley media. I'd like to be more lyrical in my media bashing, but Brian takes the cake with this post. Actually that's my bad, apparently he's on Northwestern's staff. Dan Bickley's incompetence s rubbing of on me! Egads!

*On a study break, my girlfriend showed me this. Wooooo!

* Northwestern's quarterback didn't play under center until his senior year of high school and he runs like a gazelle. Did somebody say Matt Jones?

* With roughly 7 minutes to play in the first half, there is finally a mention of Nevada's ass-whipping at the hands of ASU. God forbid they actually show a few clips from that gem, but then the four-letter network would have to thank Fox for the footage. Oh, the horror!

* I consider myself to be one of those idiotic superfans that bleeds maroon and gold and believes that Team Sparky can do no wrong. Having said that, I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever buy one of those heat pumps with the official NCAA team logos all over it. That's white-trashy bush league crap. I bet they're really popular in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas.

* Girlfriend's done with homework early, and we're going out for a nightcap. No time for a Cal preview, other than to say they scare the crap out of me. I see this game being tougher than USC at the Coliseum, and I'm not kidding. I think this is ASU's best chance for a loss, but with the ball control and defense being shown so far, it could come down to a game winning field goal by whoever has the ball last. ASU's not known for these types of victories, are they? Oh yeah there's that one... best of luck ASU, we may need it!

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